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Cobb, NeoNazi, Leith

Leith, Cobb, Neo-Nazi

It appears that the Forum, Attorney General, and ND Health Department are totalitarian and fascist in their actions.

Now, lets get this straight: I don't approve of white supremicist groups. What I disapprove of even more, is the government using its agencies to employ fascist tactics against its citizens.

Cobb and his wife and family moved to Leith, North Dakota, and bought a house that had no running water, so he built an outhouse. The ND Health Dept. ordered him to install running water and sewage. Being unemployed, with no income, Cobb did not comply.

Recently, Cobb walked out of his house carrying a hunting rifle, for which he was promptly arrested and charged with terrorizing. The ND Health Dept. condemned his house, and the city of Leith ordered his house and outhouse bulldozed.

Finally, the Forum announced how smart the authorities were in handling this problem.

Authorities seem awfully quick to bulldoze Mr. Cobb's property. Is he to be compenstated for his loss? How many homesteaders and farmers had (and still have) outhouses? Why is Health Dept so concerned about what's in the outhouse, yet is totally unconcerned about what the oil corporations are sticking down their wells? Has the Health Dept. condemned any wells for contaminating the ground water and aquafirs? And here the Health Dept is concerned about one little outhouse. How stupid can you get?

Arrested for carrying a loaded rifle during deer season. If this is a problem, how come many other North Dakotans aren't arrested? How stupid can you get?

I would that the Sheriff had found some legitimate reason based on the law to arrest Mr. Cobb. As for the other authorities, bulldozing a man's house in subzero temperatures, while the man is in jail and just before Christmas? Well, merry christmas to you, too.

North Dakota state government is using agencies, such as the Health Dept, to carry out its illegal agenda.  That's what I object to.  If they are going to nail Cobb, I just wish they would do it legally.

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