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Disposing Toxic Waste



Janis Schmidt

    All of a sudden, the problem of disposing Syria's thousands of tons of chemical weapons becomes a problem. The U.S. has been safely disposing of chemicals at sea for the past hundred years, and is a leader in the production of chemical weapons.  In fact, all the civilized countries have been dumping chemicals in the sea.  The U.S. has suggested that the CW be dumped in the Mediterranean Sea. The people of Albania vigorously oppose the dumping, in which they very mistakenly think they should have a voice in the matter.  Other countries are seriously opposed to America dumping chemicals into the Mediterranean Sea.  A drone or two over these recalcitrant states ought to clear up the matter, and let the world know just who is in charge of the world.

    I have a better solution.  The chemicals should be unloaded in the Port of Virginia where Obama and Congress can keep a close eye on these weapons, making sure they do not fall in the hands of terrorists.

    Now, if you don't like that suggestion, I suggest the chemicals be delivered to Dow and Dupont.  I'm sure they can find many uses for these chemicals that will benefit the American public, who are sick and tired of being poor and unemployed, unable to feed their families.  Why not just put them all out of their misery?  That would certainly take care of the entitlement debacle and the unemployment problem.  The question then arrises:  what to do with the millions of dead bodies?  Lets dump them in the Atlantic and Pacific.  Now the diehard protesters can have no complaints about that.  Environmentally sound with the added benefit of food for the sharks.

    Or a third solution:  since Dow and DuPont scientists are such geniuses, they can take apart their toxic chemical creation.  They put it together;  they can take it apart.  Dow and DuPont can pay for this.

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