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Graham not kill Anna Ma

John Graham did not kill Anna Mae.  He was set up up by important officials and the FBI.  The FBI informant was not Anna Mae, and everyone knew that.  The informant was Theda Clark, a loud mouthed, profane and greedy woman, who would do anything for money.  Theda had a nephew by the name of John Boy Patton, son of her sister, Corky.  John Boy was a look-alike for John Graham, a fact that didn't escape the FBI. 

The FBI was putting the squeeze on AIM to turn over their murderers of many of the Lakota people during the Reign of Terror.  Anna Mae, although she knew who did the killing and who was behind it, refused to cooperate with the FBI.  Some AIM members were afraid that if they allowed Anna Mae to return to Canada, that she would spill the beans. 

Anna Mae, a smart cookie, knew something terrible was going on at the "safe house" (Yellow Wood's place) in Denver, so she got Arlo Looking Cloud to drive her to the Pine Ridge Reservation, accompanied by her friend John Graham, a fellow Canadian.  Testimony of George Pelphie swears that he saw these 3, and only these 3 leave Yellow Wood's house.  When Theda realized that Anna Mae had given them the slip, she immediately contacted her handlers and informed them.  .They contacted their stooge, Robert Ecoffey, who they allowed into the hallowed recesses of the FBI because he was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation, knew people, and knew where they lived, so Ecoffey was their boy.

Ecoffey soon located Anna Mae by offering money.  The next plan was diabolical in scope.  The Denver gang found an Indian woman who resembled Anna Mae.  They took her to Yellow Wood's house, tied her up, and got Arlo to drive Theda's car with the fauxe Anna Mae, Arlo, Theda and her nephew John Graham in the car.  Off they went to Pine Ridge.  And thing happened just as was testified in trial.  They took Anna Mae out to the Badlands, and John Boy Patton shot her in the back of the head, which Arlo was forced to witness. 

Arlo did not know John Graham or Anna Mae very well;  in fact, he didn't know them at all, which is why the ruse worked.  Later, Anna Mae was taken to a house in Oglala, shot in the back of the head, and taken out to the Badlands in the night.  Jane Doe's body was replaced with the real Anna Mae.

And that's what really happened.  Many officials had a dirty hand in the killing of Anna Mae, including chief judge Karen Schreier, who helped Robert Ecoffey set up Arlo for the murder of Anna Mae. 

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