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Great Depression II

In the 30s, there was the dust storms that revealed the folly of American economic practices and profit that led to migration and bread lines and enormous human and animal suffering.  Legislation such as the great Social Security Act was passed along with regulations such as the Glass-Stengel Act to control the rapacious banking industry.

In the 21st century, we have countless rows of abandoned homes, foreclosed upon by rapacious bankers, with no migration because there is nowhere for people to go.  Politicians and the media have solved the problem of human misery and suffering by simply not reporting it.  At the same time, corporations are allowed to export jobs to foreign countries which has sent the unemployment in America sky high.  Politicians and the media have solved this problem by downplaying it, or not reporting it at all.

Where have all the homeless, jobless people gone?  Fallen through the cracks and off the radar.  As Mitt would say,  "These people don't count anyway, since they don't vote."  To fix that problem, politicians and corporations have decided that the rich should pay no taxes and that Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security should be done away with.

We have really come a long ways, which is why America is the greatest nation on earth, and all other countries are jealous of how smart we are.  If anyone says differently, we'll just send in drones to bomb the living shit out of them, the American way.

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