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First person witness to institutional abuses against Native American students taking place at Warwick Public School during school year 2006-07, and how officials refused to investigate reports of abuse and criminal assault.


November 14, 2011


Reporter:     Janis Schmidt,

                   418 Griffin St.

                   Warwick, ND  58381




Relationship to deceased:        teacher

Name of deceased child:           Jami Rose Jetty, Native American

Age at time of death:                14

Date of death:                          November 3, 2008

Cause of death:                        suicide by hanging

Place where abuse occurred:    Warwick Public School, located on state/county




          I have a duty to report the facts and identify the circumstances that contributed to the death of Jami Rose Jetty, pursuant to NDCC 50-25.1-03.[1]   Social Services has a duty to investigate all reports of suspicious child fatalities.[2]  Social Services refused to act on my 960 Report of a Child Fatality on October 28, 2011, (Ex AA-3) and refused to investigate my 960 report of child abuse in January of 07.  (Ex G)


          I, Janis Schmidt, citizen and teacher. come to submit a 960 child fatality report with evidence that proves  that Warwick School officials, superintendent Charles Guthrie, principal Gene Riedinger, Councilor Shirley Tiokiason (Erickson), NDEA rep. Steve Michels, Business teacher and computer expert Jana Jensen led to Jami Jetty taking her own life. Superintendent Charles Guthrie deliberately chose not to report the rape of a student, M H, when it became known to him,  and abused Jami by questioning Jami about a rape in violation of child abuse laws which prohibits any unauthorized questioning of students,  making the girl, Jami Jetty and her parents, believe that I had told school administrators that Jami had been raped,  which caused everyone to regard Jami as the rape victim which then made life intolerable for Jami, and was the reason why she killed herself, as told to me by her father, James Jetty in a conversation I had with him in February of 2011.  It all started from the fact that Social Services refused to investigate my 29 page Report of institutional abuse, as advised by states attorney James Wang.  (Exhibit #1, Report to School Board Members, December 29, 2006) 


          Contributing to Jami’s death by failing to uphold child abuse laws, tampering with witnesses and evidence were attorneys Gary Thune and Tiffany Johnson of Pearce & Durick from Bismarck, along with a lawyer from Devils Lake, Ulysses Jones, with the knowledge and cooperation of states attorney James Wang and sheriff Rohyer, deputy Shawn Benet, agencies Social Services Millie Benet, director Ed Forde, agency ND Human Resources Ed Meier,  Job Service who falsified facts and evidence, hearing officer Dave Clinton, assistant attorney generals Michael Pitcher, Doug Bahr, Doug Anderson, Education Standards and Practices Board as advised by assistant attorney general Bill Peterson, all officers of the court, did conspire to unlawfully to circumvent the child abuse laws that led to the untimely death of Jami Rose Jetty.   Had my original 960 Report which I submitted to Social Services in January of 2007 as Report to School Board Members (Exhibit A) been correctly assessed, with an investigation ordered, Jami Rose Jetty would be alive today.  This is the consequence when Social Services 960 Reports are not given due credence and North Dakota Century Code of child abuse laws are ignored by the very agency who is mandated to protect children.[3]  





[1] 50-25.1-03. Persons required and permitted to report - To whom reported.

1. Any physician, nurse, dentist, optometrist, medical examiner or coroner, or any other

medical or mental health professional, religious practitioner of the healing arts,

schoolteacher or administrator, school counselor, addiction counselor, social worker,

child care worker, foster parent, police or law enforcement officer, juvenile court

personnel, probation officer, division of juvenile services employee, or member of

the clergy having knowledge of or reasonable cause to suspect that a child is

abused or neglected, or has died as a result of abuse or neglect, shall report the

circumstances to the department if the knowledge or suspicion is derived from

information received by that person in that person's official or professional capacity….

2. Any person having reasonable cause to suspect that a child is abused or neglected,

or has died as a result of abuse or neglect, may report such circumstances to the



[2] 50-25.1-04.2. Child fatality review panel. The state child protection team shall serve as

a child fatality review panel. The department shall appoint a peace officer licensed in the state, a

mental health professional, and any other person as appropriate to assist the panel in the

performance of its duties. The department, in coordination with the state department of health,

shall adopt rules for the operation of the panel. Panel members are not entitled to compensation

or reimbursement of expenses for service on the panel.



[3] CHAPTER 50-25.1


50-25.1-01. Purpose. It is the purpose of this chapter to protect the health and welfare

of children by encouraging the reporting of children who are known to be or suspected of being

abused or neglected; the providing of adequate services for the protection and treatment of

abused and neglected children and to protect them from further harm; the identifying of the cause of children's deaths, when possible; the identifying of those circumstances that contribute to children's deaths; and the recommending of changes in policy, practices, and law to prevent

children's deaths.


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