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Bob Ecoffey and Karen Schreier Connection


I, Janis Schmidt, a Citizen of the United States of America assert that the Judge Karen Schreier has broken the Supreme Law of the Land (Article VI of the US Constitution).  This abuse of law and power has materially and significantly damaged me individually, and USA citizens collectively. Judge Schreier has not defended my fundamental right to be heard on Constitutional matters by claiming that tribal sovereignty overrides the Amendments to the Constitution, thus failing to uphold my constitutional right to address the U.S. Federal Court to be able to sue to recover damages due to the constitutional violations of the Defendants, according to my First and Seventh Amendment rights.  Judge Schreier is hiding her own impropriety behind sovereign and judicial immunity, and has a guilty secret to hide, which would come out in court if my lawsuits were allowed to come to court.  Judge Schreier has not defended my fundamental right to be heard on Constitutional matters by claiming that tribal sovereignty overrides the Amendments to the Constitution, thus, Judge Schreier is not upholding the Constitution which is a violation of her Oath of Office, and an act of treason.


My cases and causes involve the fundamental right to be heard, to be afforded a hearing before a drastic measure is taken, such as seizure of property, arrest, and/or incarceration.  At the forefront, is the malicious denial of the right to be heard, the right to speak and write without fear of drastic reprisals, and the right to be heard in Court.   My cases and causes involve Indians, the Oglala Sioux, the people, the oyate, who are experiencing deep seated problems with their IRA government, who rule over them in a dictatorial fashion, in a way that is offensive to them. The court systems, both tribal and federal exist more as a means of control, rather than any dispensation of justice according to the U.S. Constitution.  Because I came up against the two issues of concern to the Lakota people, land fraud and judicial tyranny, and dared to speak up and speak out against the corrupt tribal government, I was arrested, evicted, banned, jailed, assaulted, and all my property was seized by tribal, BIA, and certain corrupt tribal members, who benefit from their fraudulent government, who use the tribal courts to punish anyone who would dare criticize by denying their civil liberties. Now, I am being denied my right to sue and be heard in court by a judge who, as U.S. Attorney, was deeply involved in covering up the criminal activities of the FBI on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


 Judge Karen Schreier has taken an adversarial and prosecutorial stance in her ruling against me.   She is biased against me for having criticized the federal court in that past, in particular, for my writing about the trial of Arlo Looking Cloud, critical of U.S. Assistant Attorney Mandel, federal Chief Judge Piersol, former FBI Agent and current BIA Area Director Bob Ecoffey, of whom some are now defendants in lawsuit, or who will be trying the case for the U.S. Government.  Karen Schreier, as U.S. Attorney, in 1994, along with FBI Agent Bob Ecoffey,  coerced Arlo Looking Cloud into making a statement, a proffer, which she signed, and which was never brought up at Arlo Looking Cloud’s trial 10 years later. 


Judge Schreier was sitting judge in the case of United States v. Larry Big Boy July 2, 2002, of whom 2 people involved are 2 defendants in my lawsuits, Louise Big Boy and Robert Montileaux.  As such, Judge Karen Schreier knew when she took on my lawsuit, Janis Schmidt v. Louise Big Boy,, that she had a conflict of interest.  But Judge Schreier wanted to cover up a nefarious and sinister past, when, as U.S. Attorney for South Dakota, she and her FBI along with Robert Ecoffey (another defendant in my lawsuits)  framed up Arlo Looking Cloud for the murder of Anna Mae Pictouu Aquash, by luring Arlo into signing a Proffer in 1994, in which Karen Schreier, Robert Ecoffey, Arlo Looking Cloud, Arlo’s attorney, and Assistant U.S. Attorney signed. (copy of Looking Cloud Trial Transcript)  As judge, Schreier knew she must recuse herself from my lawsuits to maintain the integrity of the Court and personal ethics as a judge.  She knew this, but yet she was willing to risk it all banking on the thought that she would be able to out-wit a poor pro se Plaintiff, and thereby cover-up a huge Obstruction of Justice, Malacious Abuse of Process, Fraud and Aiding and Abetting in a murder coverup that took place back in 1994.


Most recently, Karen Schreier was working very closely with Cecelia Fire Thunder, president of Ogalala Sioux Tribe, and Alex White Plume, vice president, and tribal judges Marina Fast Horse and Chief Judge Lisa Adams.  In 6 entries to the Federal Court, these defendants conspired with Judge Karen Schreier as to how I was a dangerous threat to society, submitting falsified evidence and false statements, including a motion to dismiss my lawsuit #2.  I recently received a judgment that my case was dismissed before the defendants even answered.  I called the clerk for the docket.  This is where I discovered the shenanigans taking place.  Six entries, and I was never notified copy of these documents or motions.  Six entries!!  Collusion of Judge Schreier with defendants to defeat my lawsuit from ever entering her courtroom!


I also recently discovered that Judge Karen Schreier has another reason to recuse herself from my lawsuits.  Back in the year 2000, as newly appointed Federal Judge in Rapid City, Schreier joined with then BIA Superintendent Bob Ecoffey to gather information on the private lives of Indians, especially those involved in any prior AIM activities.  A cleverly crafted and staged take-over of the tribal government building was permitted to take place by the Oyate [the People], in which the common Indians did occupy the building for about almost a year, actually camped out inside.  Their demands were that they wanted an honest government and honest representation by their elected officials.  It was a real coup, and people from all over gave generously in support of their efforts, especially other tribes.


But, as has always been the case for the Indian, it was all a smoke and mirrors operation, devised by the mastermind of the FBI, good old half-breed former Special Agent and then BIA Superintendent, Bob Ecoffey.  Federal Judge Karen Schreier was working closely with the Oglala Sioux Tribe during the takeover, actually working within the OST Judiciary as some kind of special prosecutor, concurrant with her federal judge duties.


With all the pizzas of the old dog and pony show creating an effective smoke screen, good old Bob and his clever accomplice, Karen Schreier, working hand-in-hand with Oglala Sioux Tribal Council and government,  order the FBI to seize the records and files of private individuals and haul them out, under the guise that they are helping the poor Indian end the corruption within tribal government.  The real story?  Same old thing.  The real Indian get screwed over by the U.S. Government, aided and abetted by the OST tribal government, with their well-paid snitches and sell-outs.  One of the best paying jobs on the Reservation today is to be a snitch.  There are many Myrtle Poor Bears and Kamook Banks Ecoffeys on the Reservation today.  And the FBI is ever vigilant to bestow upon the hangs-around-the-fort. 


I have criticized the federal court, starting with Arlo Looking Cloud on through Donny Bear Robe, and many, many others.   (Copies of Articles)


The problem began when I started to write in defense of Arlo Looking Cloud, digging into the investigations of Bob Ecoffey, which I labeled as fraudulent.  I had no idea what kind of hornet’s nest I was stirring up, or who all was involved in the murder of Anna Mae, or especially, who all was involved in the coverup of the murder of Anna Mae, including federal Judge Karen Schreier, who has  assigned herself to my 3 lawsuits, in which she had prior involvement with defendants as U.S. Attorney.


Karen Schreier is currently the chief judge of the federal courts in South Dakota.  She received her appointment as federal judge in 1999 and began serving in Rapid City.  Prior to that, she was the U.S. Attorney for South Dakota, residing in Sioux Falls.


In 1994, U.S. Attorney Karen Schreier, was involved in signing a Proffer involving statements made by Arlo Looking Cloud, who made a protected statement of having witnessed the killing of Anna Mae, having no idea he was being set up to be indicted by the very ones who had unconstitutionally extracted the protected statements from him.  Involved in the signing of the Proffer were Arlo Looking Cloud, his attorney, Mr. Henry N. Mulvihill,  U.S. Attorney, Karen Schreier, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Dennis R. Holmes, and Robert Ecoffey, U.S. Marshal.  “ There were FBI and some others present at this treaty, which took place on November 3, 1994,”  statement by Arlo Looking Cloud which may be inspected through Barry Bachrach, Esquire, who has this statement in a letter from Arlo. (Copy of trial transcript)  In other words, Karen Schreier was very active as U.S. Attorney, in interrogating Arlo Looking Cloud, to gain information that would later be used against him in order to protect the identities of those involved with setting up the murder of Anna Mae.


The fact that Bob Ecoffey knew to question Arlo Looking Cloud out of the hundreds of thousands of people involved in AIM activities on the Pine Ridge Reservation, would lead a reasonable person to believe that Ecoffey knows a lot more about the planning of the execution styled murder than he is letting on.  Arlo’s protected statements contained in the Proffer never saw the light of day at his trial in Rapid City, February, 2003.  Presiding judge was Chief Judge Piersol from Sioux Falls.  Active in the Rapid City Court was federal Judge Karen Schreier.  Trying the case was U.S. Attorney Thomas MacMahon and Assistant Attorney Mandel.  Arlo’s attorney was court appointed Timothy Rensch, from a Rapid City law firm.  Assigning himself as Arlo’s representative was Didier Dupont, a Frenchman, a suspected FBI operative, who wrote to Judge Piersol, claiming to be a first cousin to Arlo, who is full blood Oglala Sioux. Didier resides in Kyle and is employed at Little Wound School where Louise Big Boy, is also employed.  He immediately hated my writing about Arlo Looking Cloud and started backing the ranchers and Louise Big Boy in their conspiracy to evict me.  Karen Schreier is definitely involved in this, and improperly assigned herself to my lawsuits so as to dismiss the lawsuits before they ever come to court, an act which is blatantly illegal and unconstitutional.


Instead of protecting Arlo as a witness to the murder, Bob Ecoffey was the star witness for the prosecution, and Karen Scheier was very silent on the fact that she was working very closely with Ecoffey and the FBI, and had fraudulently and unconstitutionally coerced statements from an alcoholic full blood Sioux Indian, Arlo Looking Cloud.  Another star witness was Kamook Nichols Banks Ecoffey, the former common law wife of leader and cofounder of AIM, Dennis Banks, now the bride and legal wife of Bob Ecoffey. (Copies enclosed) 


  Robert Ecoffey is named as a Defendant in my 3rd lawsuit in which Judge Karen Schreier refuses to recuse herself. Bob Ecoffey and U.S. Attorney Karen Schreier filled in gaps in Arlo’s story, such as stopping in Allen at the Dick Marshall house.  Arlo doesn’t remember this.  Why fill it in, except to try connect the murder to AIM? Freida Brewer Marshall, wife of Dick Marshall, is also a defendant in my lawsuit


Chief of Police, Harold Brewer is brother to Frieda Brewer Marshall, both defendants in my lawsuits, another reason for Judge Schreier to recuse herself. 


In July, 2002, Karen Schreier, was the judge assigned to the case of Larry Big Boy, brother to Louise Big Boy, who is named as a defendant in my lst Lawsuit.  Larry was accused and charged with molesting the daughter of Robert Montileaux, son of Louise, and a Defendant in my 1st lawsuit.  Larry, Robert and his wife and girls, all lived in Louise’s house in Kyle housing.  Larry had overheard Louise scheming with Vocu and Whirlwind Horse as to how they were going to get rid of me.  Larry scolded his sister, and threatened to tell me.  Louise and her son Robert retaliated by having Robert’s girl accuse Larry of molesting her.  Louise sold 80 acres of land belonging to the U.S. government for $12,000 claiming she was going to get a good attorney to defend Larry.  However, she squandered the cash and the record will show that Larry Big Boy was represented by Gary Colebath from the Public Defender’s office, presided over by Judge Karen Scheier.  Judge Schreier knew she had a conflict of interest when she accepted by case, Janis Schmidt v. Louise Big Boy,   (copy of complaint)


Judge Schreier dismissed main defendants, but hung onto the Sheriffs and States Attorney, so as not to make a final judgment, and to set up a fellow prosecutor, with immunity protection, to dismiss my case with prejudice, and to charge me for having even brought it to Court.  I claim the right to then take state officials to state court and apply S.D. state law in suit against them.  Even so, the case should never have been dismissed by the judge because of its constitutional violations.  Judge Schreier is deliberately using the awesome power of her office, to wreck my lawsuits, and protect the Defendants who are guilty of more than just conspiracy to deprive me of my property and constitutional rights, but to hid her involvement in a criminal miscarriage of justice with Arlo Looking Cloud and that of defendants Bob Ecoffey, Frieda Brewer Marshall, OST chief-of-police Harold Brewer, former tribal judge Lisa Cook, current  OST president Cecelia Fire Thunder, States Attorney Lance Russell, and various tribal council members, all who are defendants in my lawsuits. 


Judge Schreier has refused to recuse herself from my cases.  In her rulings she has reasoned more like a prosecutor than a judge, misconstruing my facts, not accepting my facts as true, placing me in an unfavorable light, refusing jurisdiction, ruling on merits before discovery. (Copy of decisions and Complaint)  (Copy of Dockett)


In her ruling to refuse to recuse, Judge Schreier, summarizes the facts like a prosecutor representing the defendants.  In her falsified version of background she states, “Schmidt lived on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation until 2004 when she was evicted from a two-acre parcel of land that belonged to the Oglala Sioux Tribe.  Schmidt was removed from the Reservation.”  (copy of ruling)  In the very first sentence, like a very cunning prosecutor, she sets up as truth, a false premise:


1.  I clearly stated that I lived on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for 15 years.  This is prosecutor trickery to make it sound like I had just breezed into the Reservation yesterday, and a deliberate misstatement of my facts that I lived 15 years on the Reservation as an artist, teacher, and civil rights leader.

2.  Malacious distortion of the facts to say I was evicted, which so-stated gives a legal meaning that the eviction was legal and lawful, which it was not, which is the point of my 1st lawsuit, in which I state that the eviction was without jurisdiction, without law, and without a hearing. 

3.  Deliberate falsification of evidence to claim I was “legally” removed from land belonging to the Oglala Sioux Tribe, when the land in question had belonged to the Catholic Church for over 80 years, in which I submitted deeds to the Court, proving my case.


Schreier has deliberately distorted and falsified my facts to set me up to be prosecuted by a prosecutor who is also a defendant in the suit she mentioned.  This falsification of facts sets up States Attorney’s defense, where I the victim of a malicious conspiracy to silence me and to prevent me from writing about Arlo Looking Cloud and Bob Ecoffey.  Those are my facts.  As it turns out, it is also a fact the Schreier as U.S. Attorney, was very complicit in framing Arlo Looking Cloud at the behest of Bob Ecoffey and his FBI who had terrorized and traumatized the Lakota people during the 70’s, as well documented in Peter Methiason’s book, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse and Rex Weyler’s Blood of the Land. (copy of my Complaint)


Schreier establishes as “truth” that I was evicted lawfully from land belonging to the Oglala Sioux Tribe, and therefore lawfully removed by the Sheriff’s and States Attorney.  She is thereby falsifying the evidence which she can get by doing since by her own decree, “judges have absolute judicial immunity,” which also puts them beyond the reach of the People and the Constitution, which they are sworn to uphold, and a federal court is supposed to defend the constitutional rights of the People.


Instead of ruling by the US Constitution, as I based my Complaints on violations of my constitutional rights in which my property was seized without due process and I was further harmed by having my liberty denied without due process or probable cause, Judge Schreier is herself, ruling unconstitutionally, making decisions without a hearing.


In a surprise move, Judge Schreier closed my case against Cecelia Fire Thunder, without there ever having been an Answer from the defendants.  Actually, Cecelia Fire Thunder and Alex White Plume were very busy with attorney Mario Gunzolaz, who had withdrew from the case way back in November, and Judge Schreier had signed off on the withdrawal.  Busy boy Mario had submitted 6 documents to the Court  in which he defended Cecelia’s right to exclude me from the Reservation without due process.  I never received any copies of this, which is a big violation of civil procedure.  But I guess that doesn’t matter as long as you have a crooked politically appointed federal judge on your side, because with their absolute judicial immunity, they can actually get by with murder, which is the real story of what happened to Anna Mae and the frame up job on Arlo Looking Cloud.


What Mario wanted to keep hidden from me, was Cecelia Fire Thunder’s exclusion orders against me.  According to Mario, the reason Cecelia needed to act unconstitutionally and order my immediate removal under armed guard is because:


            1.  She didn’t like the fact that I had filed a lawsuit against the Oglala Sioux Tribe and the OST Public Safety.


            2.  She declared my civil rights organization, Lakota Wawokiya Civil Rights Org, illegal, and that as a nonmember, I had no business being the civil rights leader on behalf of any poor Lakotas.  (Twice she tried to lure me back to the Reservation to a hearing set up in tribal court.  But, the hand of God protected me and prevented me from walking into the trap.  The hearing was not to decide the merits of the exclusion order, but instead to find me guilty of terrorist activities, complete with the FBI waiting to take me away if I showed up in tribal court.  Weeks before the hearing date, we were experiencing balmy 60-70 degree weather.  On the day of the hearing, from 70 degrees the day before, temperatures dropped below freezing, rain turned to ice, and winds in excess of 60 miles per hour.  Later that day, Chief Oliver Red Cloud contacted me to warn me not to attend the hearing, that it was a trap.)


            3.  She declared that chief of police Harold Brewer was well within the law to enter Leroy Waters private property, enter his house with 5 armed police officers, and seize Leroy’s companion and common law wife, and remove the civil rights leader, Janis Schmidt, from his house to save Leroy from “illicit cohabitation”, an OST law for which the poor old 76 year old man would be jailed for 6 months and fined $360.  {I absolutely love this last legal shenanigan as a reason that I needed to be unconstitutionally and illegally removed.)


With all of these reasons in mind, Judge Karen Schreier determined that Cecelia Fire Thunder had good cause to remove me, as resented by Mario Gunzolas, and dismissed my case.  I have appealed the judgment to the 8th Circuit and will fight on.


But I need your help.  For all of you who I helped, and have knowledge that I am not a threat, please write a letter stating in what way I have helped the people.  Send the letters to me at:


Janis Schmidt

418 Griffin St.

Warwick, ND  58381



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