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Report of Child Fatality

North Dakota corruption involving child protection laws, Social Services, and the courts is pervasive and deep.  The massive cover up goes higher and deeper than the Penn State Sardusky cover up.   My 960 Report of a Child Fatality details how lawyers, agencies, senators, the governor, attorney general, and even the North Dakota Supreme Court are all linked together in covering up crimes committed by officials.  This Report details how my legal actions were illegally and summarily dismissed, and how officials got by with causing the death of a young Native American girl. 

This Report details the facts, backed up with evidence, of how a young Native American girl was tricked into committing suicide by officials who were intent on covering up a rape.  It is the story of how school administrators refused to report a rape, and how state agencies and officials refused to investigate, and actually helped cover up child abuse. 
The Report details how judges and lawyers can help officials get by with causing the death of an innocent girl.  The case still goes uninvestigated.
    I name names because officials should not be allowed to get by with murder, all to save their position or license.  If truth be known, they should not hold their position, nor should they be allowed to practice.  Instead, they should be held accountable for spreading lies and distorting the truth which led to the death of a Dakota girl, Jami Rose Jetty, age 14.  I was her teacher.  These officials should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which would be the death penalty.  Death by hanging would be appropriate.

I have submitted this Report to Social Services, Senator Dorgan, Governor Hoeven, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, US Attorney Tim Purden, and the county commissioners.  All of them ignored the real issue, and rephrased the issue incorrectly into something they could wash their hand of.  And believe you me, there was a lot of hand washing going on.  All have refused to investigate.  I am now circulating a citizen's petition for a grand jury, which is allowable in only six states, North Dakota being one of those states.

Additionally, the media has refused to tell this story, so I am putting the Report on the Internet.  Because the Report is lengthy and detailed, I am putting chapters that you can go to certain chapters and/or click on the chapters to read the whole 160 pages.

960 Report of a Child Fatality

First person witness to institutional abuses against Native American students taking place at Warwick Public School during school year 2006-07, and how officials refused to investigate reports of abuse and criminal assault.


September 11, 2012

Reporter:     Janis Schmidt,

                   418 Griffin St.

                   Warwick, ND  58381




Relationship to deceased:        teacher

Name of deceased child:           Jami Rose Jetty, Native American

Age at time of death:                14

Date of death:                          November 3, 2008

Cause of death:                        suicide by hanging

Place where abuse occurred:    Warwick Public School, located on state/county

Introduction and Jurisdiction
Ch 1   
  Unreported rape
Ch  2     Jami set up as rape victim
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