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Satao Elephant killed

I heard of the brutal murder of this magnificent old elephant, for his tusks, and as I read thru the account, I found myself sobbing.  Then anger has taken over.  If Obama can offer $1 billion dollars (US tax payer dollars) to Ukraine  to fund the murderous thugs, why can't he offer a like amount for the apprehension of the poachers who murdered Satao?  Why don't the people get to vote on this?
The news claims that China is behind this because of their ivory craze.  If so, why isn't China doing more to apprehend poachers?  Or is the US behind it?  To frame and punish China for making a deal with Russia? 
 We are totally brain dead in America and don't care about anything except jobs and money.  Therefore, I suggest that Kenya ask Putin for his help in apprehending the murderous thugs who killed Satao.
What does the US or China do to curb this murderous practice?  They insipidly seize the ivory, which has no deterring effects.  I have a better solution.
Although I am not an advocate of state violence, I do believe in justice.  I believe that Kenya has to right to execute the elephant killer in a public fashion.  First of all, the thugs should be given a little poison.  They should be stripped naked and placed in a raised arena.  Huge pictures of Satao, both living and dead, in background.  Then the murderous thugs should have their penis removed, hacked out with a hunting knife.  At the end of the day, if still alive, the thugs should be shot by a firing squad.

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